Card Compromise at Target

You may have heard the news of the unauthorized access to payment card data at Target.  According to Target’s website, customers who made credit or debit card purchases inside Target’s U. S. Stores from Nov. 27 to Dec 15 2013 may be impacted.
Diamond Valley FCU is taking action.  We have processes in place to reduce the potential for card fraud.  As we receive information about Diamond Valley debit or credit cards that are affected we will notify those members individually with more information.

In the meantime, if you shopped inside a Target store from November 27 to December 15, 2013 and used a Diamond Valley debit or credit card please monitor your accounts closely and report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 812-425-5152.

Remember Diamond Valley cardholders have a $0 liability, which means members pay nothing in the event of unauthorized purchases on their Diamond Valley cards.

Thank you for taking action and working with your credit union to help reduce the potential for fraud.

Phony "Phishing" Emails

The Federal Trade Commission, in a blog, said that scammers claiming to be Financial Institutions and Target are sending out phony Target e-mails pretending to help those with compromised cards. Instead, the scammers "actually want to trick you into giving them your personal information. And they are skilled at making the e-mails look real," said FTC ( Dec. 23). FTC advised anyone getting an e-mail claiming to be from Target (or a financial institution you do not do business with) to do two things:
1.       If the e-mail asks for personal or financial information, assume it is a scam. Don't reply. No legitimate business will ask for personal information through unsecure methods like e-mail.
2.       If there are links in the e-mail, don't click on them, even if they seem legitimate. Scammers can use links to install viruses that direct you to spoof sites that aim to steal information. Hovering over a link can reveal a deliberately misspelled Web address or a completely different destination. "Your best bet is to type the URL directly into your browser," FTC said.
For more information on Identity Theft please click here.


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