DVFCU's Locally Managed Visa® Cards

Are you tired of impersonal service from your credit card company? How about rising interest rates? With DVFCU's locally managed Visa Department, you will always speak to a local representative about your Visa account. You will also enjoy low interest rates, no annual fees, and quick and easy balance transfers. Diamond Valley offers Secured Visa, Visa Classic, Visa Platinum credit cards, as well as Visa Gift Cards.

Please be aware that Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union representatives will not request your account number or personal information on a call that they initiate. As a rule, you should not give this information to anyone who contacts you by phone or whose identity is unknown.

Merchant Surcharges for Credit Card use

Secured Visa®

Need to establish credit? Or, need assistance improving your credit history? If yes, then Diamond Valley's NEW Secured Visa® credit card may be just what you need!

Our Secured Visa credit card works like any other credit card and can be used wherever Visa is accepted.

Approved members will deposit $300-$5,000 into a secured deposit account. Purchases will be allowed up to the approved credit limit.

Visa Classic Card

Visa Classic®

Visit any of our offices to pick up an application. 

Visa Classic Card

Visa Platinum®

Visa Platinum Card

Visa® Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards can be used most anywhere Visa is accepted* so the recipient has the freedom to select the present he or she really wants. Unlike cash gifts, cards can be replaced if lost or stolen. Visa Gift Cards are available at Diamond Valley branches in any denomination between $10 and $1,000. There is a processing fee of just $3.00** per card.

*Certain restrictions may apply.
**Processing fee is subject to change without notice.

Visa Gift Card

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