Save to Retire - America Saves Week 2021

Many of us have thought about retirement. You may already be saving for it, which is excellent.

But have you thought about HOW you want to retire? More specifically, have you thought about what it will take to continue to live the lifestyle you have or the lifestyle you want once you retire?

Today is Save to Retire Day of America Saves Week. 

Many Americans have expressed that the pandemic has helped them realize what matters most to them. Family, stability, creating memories, and travel were sentiments that we repeatedly heard when asked what was most meaningful to them.

Being able to have the type of lifestyle you want during retirement— spending quality time with loved ones, traveling, and not being a financial burden on your family, means that you have to prepare TODAY.

As you sit down to do a financial check-in within yourself around your retirement today, consider not just IF you’re saving for retirement, but if you’re saving ENOUGH for retirement.

For more tips and resources around saving for retirement, including two retirement calculators that will help you determine how much you should be saving for retirement based on your current scenario, check out this article, “Questions To Ask Yourself When Saving For Retirement.”(link is external)

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