9 Ways To Enjoy Summer On A Budget

9 Ways To Enjoy Summer On A Budget
  1. Check out neighborhood business freebies. This includes shows, demonstrations and activities that local businesses host to generate summer traffic.
  2. Visit the library. You’ll find free crafts for kids, story time, discussion groups and other fun ways to enjoy summer at no cost.
  3. Embrace the outdoors. Think hiking trails, beaches, scenic lookouts and
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How To Buy A Boat

How To Buy A Boat

Get ready to set sail this summer! Read on for the ultimate boat-buying guide. 

Step 1: Choose your boat type

Like automobiles, boats should be purchased with their intended uses in mind. Determine which water activities are most important to you. Also, research different boat types and ask your boat-owning friends to share their own impressions and tips. 

Don't Drink Your Wallet Dry!

Don't Drink Your Wallet Dry

It’s hot out, so make sure you’re drinking up! In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that adult males drink at least 11 cups of fluid a day and females drink 9. 

What’s in your glass today?  You might be a true coffee-crazy, cola-loving American, but water is your best beverage choice for your health and for your money. 

However, did you

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